Pvc Cling Film

 Pvc Cling Film


Cling  Film

Cling Wrap tight to help keep food fresh. This plastic wrap is easy to handle and microwave‐safe, so you can reheat without fear.

        A.  pvc cling film  


which stay flexible and tear resistant with the help of plasticisers. At the same time, it is now regarded as an essential and cost-effective tool for food presentation.

Application :  protecting foods and dairy products in particular from the micro-organisms that breed quickly when food is left uncovered, wrapping fresh foods in supermarkets and for food storage in catering establishments as well as at home

               B.   PE cling film

         pe stretch film is food wrap, Non-toxic and harmless, tasteless, transparency , Our product has strong tensile strength, crack resistance, high puncture resistance and excellent self-sealed